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The Art Of Brewing

Since 1846

European Tradition

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Established in 1846, Perla is Poland’s largest independent brewery. We are considered by many to be the last real Polish brewery. Our location - right in the heart of Poland’s hops country - is the source the world-famous Lublin hops.

Over 170 years

During its long history, the brewery has survived many challenges, including two world wars and 45 years of nationalization by the communist regime. What remains is our Polish pride and perseverance, which filters through to both our team at the brewery and to our beverages.

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Heritage Makes Our Beer

Our Secret Is In The Ingredients

The least-industrialized region of Europe

Perla Beer

Perla employs a traditional bottom-brewing process with cold 12.5°C water allowing the yeast cells to drop to the bottom for fermentation. Although this is a time-consuming brewing process, it ensures Perla’s consistent premium quality.

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