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How We Make Our Beer



1. Barley

We start by selecting the best Polish barley, then process it in our malthouse. The fragmented malt is then mixed with water and boiled to make a malt mash called wort.

2. Hops

Hops is what gives Perła beer its unique crisp taste. Wort is placed in the brew kettle where it is mixed with fresh regional hops. After separation, the resulting wort is cooled to a temperature of approx. 12.5 degrees C.

3. Yeast

In sterile conditions, brewer’s yeast is added and then transferred to the fermentation tanks.

4. Ageing

The fresh beer is transferred to the conditioning cellar where it slowly ages in conditioning tanks. Then the filtered beer is moved to the distribution tanks. The beer is kept here until it enters the bottling department, where it is goes into a bottle, a can or a keg.

Heritage Makes Our Beer