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Over170 Years

Over 170 Years



Figure showing the 18th century Lublin

The brewery was founded in the former monastery of the Reformed Fathers in Lublin, dating back to 1660, when businessman Karol Rudolf Vetter realized his dream of constructing a brewery on the site. The demand for beer from the Vetter brewery quickly grew, and the brewery continued to expand and modernize.

Upon his death, Vetter left the brewery to his sons - August Karol and Juliusz Rudolf. Both sons proved worthy followers of their father – they continued his work and invested in the further development of the company. In 1892 the brothers constructed a separate malthouse, where the barley malt production was carried out.

August Vetter - son of the founder

August Vetter

Juliusz Vetter - son of the founder

Juliusz Vetter

Both sons, apart from work, have found time for social and charity activities. The sons founded the School of Commerce, a children’s hospital, the Lublin Museum and were members of Lublin Charity Society. August was also the the main benefactor of scholarships to the School of Commerce in Lublin. The two brothers bequeathed part of their fortunes to their employees.

Vetter's PalceLublin WBP collection
Vetter's School of CommerceLublin WBP collection

The brewery remained in the Vetter family until 1927 when senator Tadeusz Karszo-Siedlecki purchased it and began selling the beer nationwide. After his tragic death in the defense of Warsaw in 1939, the brewery was inherited by his fiancé, prima ballerina Olga Prorubnikow-Sławska.

Olga Prorubnikow-SławskaPrima ballerina Olga Prorubnikow-Sławska
National Digital Archives collection

In 1940, Zakłady Przemysłowe K.R. Vetter was confiscated by the Third Reich. After the Second World War the brewery was nationalized and combined with nearby Browar Parowy Jeleń. They become a part of the Lubelskie Zakłady Piwowarsko-Słodownicze (Lublin Beer Brewing-Malting).

The brewery was privatized after the fall of communism. The PRL company became Perła Browary Lubelskie S.A (Perla - Lublin Breweries).

Since then, the brewery on Bernardyńska Street has been revitalized into offices, lofts and a brewhouse. To breathe new life into the old production rooms, the Perła Brewery Cellars were opened to visitors in 2014. Tourists can explore its nooks and crannies, discover the rich history of brewery and the events and figures related to it while learning about the production process and the ingredients for brewing beer. At the end of the tour there is a unique tasting room located in a former storage cellar.

Brewery Now

Presently Perla - Browary Lubelskie S. A. is the largest regional beer producer in Poland. The production plant is located at 106 Kunickiego St. in Lublin, while the seat of the company's management board is located in the historic brewery building at 15 Bernardynska Street.

In 2006, Perla - Browary Lubelskie S. A. was one of the first breweries to receive the ISO 22000 certification. obtaining an accredited certificate from Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance. The introduced system was a development and improvement of the HACCP system operating in the brewery since 2002.

Current Beer-houseCurrent Beer-houseCurrent Beer-houseCurrent Beer-house